3D/4D Ultrasound


We’re thrilled to bring you more exciting news about our expanding medical capabilities. In addition to our SIGNA GE 1.5 Tesla MRI machine, we now offer cutting-edge GE 3D and 4D ultrasound services, providing you with comprehensive imaging options for your healthcare needs.
Our advanced GE 3D and 4D ultrasound technology allows us to capture detailed images of various body parts, providing our skilled medical professionals with valuable insights for accurate diagnoses.


Here’s what our ultrasound services can examine:

Pregnancy Ultrasound:

Expectant parents can marvel at the incredible 3D images of their developing baby, offering a unique and memorable experience during this special time.

Abdominal Ultrasound: We can visualize and assess organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and gallbladder, aiding in the detection of abnormalities and guiding appropriate treatments.

Pelvic Ultrasound: Our 3D and 4D ultrasound technology enables precise examination of the reproductive organs and surrounding structures, assisting in diagnosing conditions and planning treatments.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound: For joint and muscle-related concerns, our ultrasound imaging can provide detailed views, helping to pinpoint injuries or conditions for targeted treatment.

Cardiac Ultrasound: Also known as echocardiography, our 3D and 4D ultrasound technology allows us to view the heart from various angles, aiding in the evaluation of heart function and identifying potential issues.

Vascular Ultrasound: We can assess blood flow and detect blockages or abnormalities in blood vessels, assisting in the diagnosis and management of circulatory problems.

At La Clinic Du Corps, we take pride in providing exceptional care to our patients. With our advanced GE 3D and 4D ultrasound capabilities, we aim to offer you a holistic approach to diagnostics, ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment and care.

Our skilled team of healthcare professionals is here to guide you through the ultrasound process, making sure you are comfortable and informed every step of the way.

Additionally, we understand the importance of timely results, and you can expect the interpretation of your ultrasound images to be efficiently delivered on the same day.

If you’re considering a 3D or 4D ultrasound or have any questions about our ultrasound services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to assist you and schedule an appointment that suits your needs. Trust La Clinic Du Corps for advanced imaging services and compassionate care, empowering you to make well-informed decisions about your health and well-being.