Express Medical Air Charter

Introducing our Express Medical Air Charter, a groundbreaking service offered by La Clinic Du Corps. Through our partnership with Clínica Foscal in Colombia, we bring exclusive medical services previously unavailable in the Caribbean to our valued patients.
Experience total comfort and peace of mind as each flight originates in Saint Lucia, accompanied by a fully competent medical professional. Concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic are alleviated by our direct flight to the hospital in Colombia, minimizing exposure to the virus.
Once in Colombia, Clínica Foscal specialists and service providers guarantee the highest quality of healthcare. Everything you need is conveniently located under one roof, eliminating the need to visit multiple locations. We also accommodate international insurance under certain circumstances.

Join us at La Clinic Du Corps and embark on a journey of exceptional healthcare. With our Express Medical Air Charter, we bring advanced medical services within your reach, ensuring your well-being is our top priority. Experience the convenience, quality, and comprehensive care that set us apart.

What to Expect

Upon arrival in Colombia, you can expect the following top-notch services:

Ground Transportation Services:
Our team will be there to greet you at the airport and provide reliable ground transportation to your place of residence(hotel or apartment). Whether you’re arriving or departing, we’ve got you covered with safe and efficient airport transfers.

Transportation to and from the Hospital:
Your well-being is our top priority. We will arrange transportation to and from the hospital for ALL your appointments, treatments, or any medical requirements you may have during your stay in Colombia. Rest assured, our drivers are experienced and familiar with the local routes to ensure a safe and smooth journey.

Translation Services at Every Appointment:
Language barriers should never hinder you from receiving the best care. Our highly skilled translators will accompany you to every appointment, ensuring effective communication between you and your healthcare professionals. Their expertise will bridge any language barrier, making sure all your concerns are heard, understood and answered effectively. Ensuring that you our patient is fully informed about your appointments, procedures, treatments, and any other medical information you need to know.

Medical Report in English:
Our dedicated team will ensure that you receive your comprehensive medical report in English before returning to your place of origin. This report will include all relevant details of your medical condition, procedures, and recommendations, allowing you to share your medical history with ease when you return home.