Other Services

Fluid Removal

Are you or your loved ones suffering from uncomfortable swelling caused by fluid accumulation? Look no further! At La Clinic Du Corps, we offer effective and specialized treatments to remove excess fluid from any part of the body. Our team of experienced professionals understands the challenges that fluid accumulation can bring to your daily life. We are dedicated to providing a safe and comprehensive solutions to help you find relief and restore comfort. Using advanced techniques, we offer manual lymphatic drainage, tailored to addressing the root cause of edema. Our holistic approach ensures long-lasting results and improved circulation. Join the countless satisfied patients who have experienced remarkable improvements in their quality of life through our personalized care. Take the first step towards edema relief and contact us today for a consultation.Don’t let edema hold you back – regain your comfort and wellbeing with La Clinic Du Corps.

Excision Biopsy

When it comes to suspected melanoma, our excisional biopsy stands as the preferred method for obtaining accurate results. By surgically removing the entire tumor along with surrounding tissue, we provide the highest level of diagnostic accuracy. Our expert in-house practitioners ensures the precise evaluation of the tumor’s thickness. This procedure showcases our commitment to delivering excellence in care.

Superficial Burn Treatment

If you’re dealing with superficial burn injuries, our outpatient management is designed to provide optimal healing and comfort. Our skilled team ensures a moist wound-healing environment while safeguarding against further injury. By choosing La Clinic Du Corps, you benefit from our expertise in managing thermal injuries, whether they affect large areas of the skin or specialized anatomical sites. Our goal is to promote re-epithelialization and support your journey to recovery.


When wounds require closure, trust our skilled practitioners to deliver precise suturing techniques. Whether it’s your skin or other tissues, our in-house practitioner utilizes different suture materials based on the specific wound or procedure. Monofilament and braided sutures are employed with the utmost care and precision, ensuring optimal wound healing and minimizing scarring. Experience the art of suturing at La Clinic Du Corps.

ECG Service

Your heart health is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we emphasize the significance of preventive tests and check-ups. Our state-of-the-art ECG service allows us to assess your risk of heart disease accurately. During the safe procedure, electrodes are attached to specific areas of your body, tracing your heart’s activity on paper. Rest assured, our dedicated team ensures a thorough evaluation to keep your heart healthy and strong.

Wound Treatment In Minor Surgeries

When it comes to minor surgeries, precision and advanced techniques are our hallmarks. Gone are the days of traditional scalpels, as we employ ultra-precision and lasers for cutting tissue. Our expert team upholds the highest standards of care, ensuring optimal outcomes for minor surgical procedures. Trust us to provide meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of your treatment.

Removal Of Foreign Bodies Of Skin Nose & Ears

Foreign bodies in the skin, nose, and ears can cause distress, especially in children. At La Clinic Du Corps, we offer skilled removal services with minimal risk of complications. Our experienced physicians utilize various techniques, including forceps, water irrigation, and suction catheters, ensuring safe and efficient removal. For pharyngeal or tracheal foreign bodies, we recognize the urgency and promptly coordinate surgical consultation to address these medical emergencies.


Choose La Clinic Du Corps for Unparalleled Expertise and Care

We invite you to experience the exceptional care and expertise offered at La Clinic Du Corps. Our skilled practitioners and advanced procedures ensure your well-being and optimal outcomes. Take the next step towards your health and book an appointment with us today. Together, we’ll achieve the best possible results for your medical needs.